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I'm nobody! Who are you?

Are you nobody, too?

Not Odessa
"I'm going over the waterfalls... I'm a lamb to the slaughter ya'll

better duck because that flying thing... is coming back this way!

I tell you what the hay! Friggin A! A certified genius couldn't do it better.

You disagree? Well, that's okay, we'll notify you with a letter!

When Jesus gets a brand new name! When Jesus gets a brand new name!

Golden dust, golden bones, golden opportunitones.

You flush 'em all down the rusty drain---better laugh, boy, before you feel the pain.

And get yourself good and saved, make sure that you are well behaved;

you should part your hair, you should shine your shoes,

you should say your prayers, you should pay your dues---

you do heart surgery with a hammer... then you lock 'em all up in the gospel slammer

'till there's nothing left for this corpse to say... except 'Drag my stinking butt away!'" ~Jim White

I'm kinda goth, kinda rockabilly, and kinda hippie, in that order. I'm a tomboy by heart (side-effect of being partially raised by two older brothers), but I hate it when boys forget that I do, in fact, have boobs, no matter how bad I kick their ass at Soul Calibur. I'm a Southern Girl, but have mixed feelings about it. I'm not an extremist, nor am I actively political. I'm not active in any religion (and refuse to be) but I like studying various kinds (mostly eastern and western paganism) for good ideas. I love tattoos and peircings because they can tell you so much about a person if you know how to read them. Eclectic isn't the right word, but it's the first word that comes to mind.

I am perpetually drawn towards the macabre, but still cried when 'Ol Yeller died.

I have an unnatural affinity for horses, snakes, creepy little girls. I have an extremely dry sense of humor and apparently never give a direct answer.

Random bits of insight:

British and Hispanic accents turn me on.
I can bale hay and scale a fish.
I used to train horses and actively compete on the show-circut.
I know how to give a snake a shot, but have only been bitten by a snake twice in my life.
I like eating with chopsticks.
I'm afraid of Where the Wild Things Are, but my favorite movie when I was 4 was Jaws.
When I was little, I told everyone my middle name was "Carebear."
My uterus hangs backwards.
I drive a straight-shift better than an automatic.
I have more guy friends than girl friends, but I have a strong admiration for boobs.
I give random names to almost every animal or insect that I see on a regular basis.
I'm more impulsive and emotionally high-strung than I'll ever elude to.

I consider myself and artist most of the time. I'm hoping to expand upon that part of myself in the near future.

I'm not family-oriented, but enjoy forming close-knit bonds with friends(keyword: urban tribe). I find myself drawn to the oddballs, misfits, and outcasts of society. Not because they make me feel more normal, but because they are so much more entertaining. They are the ones who usually end up changing things. They are my heroes.

Here are some things I dig:

Artists: Edward Gorey, Kathie Olivas, Sas Christian, William Hogarth, Manet, Monet, Renior, Bosch, Goya, Ray Caesar, Nicholas Caesar, Tara Mcpherson, Warhol, Ray Johnson, Dirge, Glenn Barr, Luke Cheh,Da Vinci,Max Beckmann, Tim Burton, Dali, Chirico, Miro, Ray Johnson, . . .

Music: Neko Case, The Handsome Family, Jim White, Concrete Blond, Veruca Salt, Ace-of-Base, Poe, Fiona Apple, Jewel, Garbage, Dresden Dolls, Lisa Loeb, Jefferson Airplane, Jack-Off-Jill, Jolie Holland, Horrorpops, Movie Soundtracks, Emily Autumn, Johnny Cash, Ani DiFranco. . .

Books/Authors: Mark Z. Danielewski, Harry Potter and the ::insert title here::, Stephen King, Drawing Down the Moon, The Spiral Dance, Chuck Palahniuk, John Saul, Orson Scott Card, Peter Straub, Dean Koontz, Juxtapox Art and Culture magazine, Poppy Z, Btite, the Nancy Drew Series. . .

Movies/TV Series: Donnie Darko, Saved!, Pans Labyrinth, CSI, Stir of Echos, Bringing Out the Dead, House MD, Weeds, My Name is Earl, Reality Bites, Daria, Anything Quentin Tarintino (except hostel)Ever After, Natural Born Killers, Anything Time Burton, Pay it Forward, The Last Unicorn, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Legend, Labrynth, Lord of the Rings (haven't read the book yet). . .

Lastly, I use Live Journal to keep up with long-distance friends, network, and delve into the minds of people who interest me. If I randomly befriend you than it means something you've written or are interested in has caught my attention. I enjoy and welcome comments will never resist the urge to put my two-cents in on your page when the urge strikes me.

All in all, I'm not quite right. But then again, neither are you.

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